RegenAlliance was formed to help and assist those practitioners using advanced Stem Cell and Exosome therapies to help patients. Founded by Dr. Kendal Stewart, a pioneer in advance precision medicine, RegenAlliance aimes to educate and arm other practitioners practical uses of Genetics, Stem Cell Therapy, and the administering of Exosomes to maximize patient outcomes.


RegenAlliance is a Professional Educational and Group Purchasing Organization that is specifically designed to give each and every member an up-to-date, scientific education of Regenerative Therapeutic options, as well as, provide the ability to purchase Exosomes and Stem Cell products at the group wholesale pricing. As a solo physician or even a small group, there a many “barriers to entry” that affect your ability to develop a successful regenerative program within your practice. From an education perspective, your ability to keep up with the latest in Regenerative Therapeutics is difficult and time consuming. Financially, the ability to obtain the best pricing for purchasing your regenerative products is limited by your individual purchasing power and many times a requirement for sizable capital outlay. RegenAlliance was formed to overcome these two obstacles.